Monday, September 19, 2011

Our home based parties offer creative classes that go hand in hand with our philosophy of Creating Your Own Style.


Hosting a Molly O party is a great way to spend time with friends & it is the perfect blend of stress relief, fun & creativity.

We provide sewing and craft parties to creatively chic women who want to have the hottest boutique trends at good price.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Big Changes at Molly O Designs!

I hope everyone had an amazing summer and is settling back into your normal routine!

Over the course of the summer some very exciting things have been developing at Molly O Designs.  Some decisions have been made, and we think that this new change in direction for Molly O is going to be amazing for our customers and our company.

We are excited to announce that Molly O Designs will be offering all of our classes via our website beginning October 15th.   

While this does mean we will no longer offer studio classes in the Las Vegas area, and I am sure many of our local customers will miss the social aspect of creating at Molly O Designs, we feel this is the best fit for our changing economy and the requests of our customers across the country.

So what does this mean exactly? This change means that not only will we offer all our existing classes as online video tutorials (many for FREE!). We will be adding over 100 new classes over the course of the next year.  We have so many amazing  ideas for classes, but many were not a good fit for the classroom. Now we can offer them online!

You will also be able to purchase all your favorite Molly O supplies via our website.  We will be adding tons of new inventory in the next few months.  And there are many new surprises coming too!

And we will finally be able to fulfill the request of our fans across the country that have not been able to take part in Molly O Designs and our classes.

In the mean time, our LAS VEGAS customers will be able to take part in an AMAZING SALE!!

We need to make room for the new inventory we will be carrying on our website. So EVERYTHING in our studio is on sale! Including all the tools that have been used during our classes.  If you want to stock up, or purchase tools to use at home, now is the time to buy them!

 Below is a list of some of our sale items along with the dates/time of the sale.

We can't thank you enough for being apart of this chapter of our company and helping us to grow.  We are unbelievably excited for this next phase and think it will be the perfect way to bring together creative people from all over the country.

Creatively Yours,
Molly Orr, owner

ALL supplies used in class - 50% off
{including craft mats, scissors, stamped jewelry kits & tools, glue guns, bead trays, etc. }

Flip Flops - 50% off
{including Havaianas!}

Bow Making Supplies - 40% off

Stamped Jewelry Supplies - 25% off

Tools - 25% off

Swarovski Crystals - 25% off

* Beads - 50 - 75% off

* Applique Kits - 25% off

Clearance Rack
already 50-80% off
(take an additional 20% off!)

$1 Sale Items!

 We are making room for new classes and supplies on our website!

Take advantage of these amazing sale items.


Stock up now on holiday gift giving supplies!

Sale Begins

Thursday, September 8th
9:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Friday, September 9th
9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

or by appointment

Monday, August 8, 2011

And the Winners Are....................

I LOVE giving things away, so I am extra excited to announce the winners of our glitter bows and clips!

Glitter Bow Set Winner:

This is our first summer of enforcing the hour of quiet time. It mainly consists of me reminding them to be quiet & referring who gets what. Later in the hour, it's usually followed by "YOU go in your room, & YOU go in my room". But I do catch a few minutes of quiet time in there. :)

Glitter Clip Set Winner:

I'm totally in love with those. I hope I win.

Congratulations ladies!! Email us your full name and address and we will put your prizes in the mail.  

Check back later this week for a glitter headband giveaway!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Take a Break from Summer - Giveaway!

I don't know about the rest of the mommas out there, but summer is starting to get to me. The heat, the kiddos fighting about who looked at who funny, trying to work and be a stay at home mom, etc.  The list goes on and on.  I love being home with my kids, I swear! But sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up.

So I decided to create two sets of Glitter Clips to give away.  The first set is our basic lined clips in all our fabulous glitter ribbon colors.  This set can be used for little princesses, tweens, teens and even moms.  We have tons of customers who make these to just clip back their hair for the gym or running errands.  Nothing wrong with a little sparkle in your life. 

The second giveaway is a full of glitter mini bows.  Again, these really are perfect for any age.  Bows are everywhere for Fall 2011.  So, you can choose to share these with your girls, a friend or keep them all for yourself!

To enter, just answer the following question in the comment section below:

What are you doing this summer to stay sane? Trips, working out, wine, more wine or just enforcing an hour of quiet time in your house? 

Each comment will count as one entry. You can earn an additional entry by posting our giveaway to your facebook page, twitter or blog. Send them to   Just leave another comment that you posted!

Contest ends at 12:00 p.m. PST on Friday, August 5th.  We will post both winners tomorrow afternoon!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New charm love!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE when we get new supplies in the studio.  I love it even more when I have time to make a little something for myself. 

So I created this sweet and simple necklace for myself using our brand new 5/8" square disc. I added my kiddos initials using our 1/4" Fun Font and created a linear look. Although most stamped necklaces are typically designed using a cluster effect, I like to mix things up a little and create simple lines.

If you want one for yourself, just click over to our online store!  Or click HERE for the exact disc shown in the photo. 

Feel free to stop by for one of our Open Workshops on Wednesday, August 10th from 9-11 a.m.  Just make sure to RSVP to to reserve a spot.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Glitter Ribbon Love!

Look what showed up in our mailbox today! I can't believe I didn't even check it until after 5 p.m.  My poor little babies were sitting in the 105 degree heat all day.  Too far? Well that is just how much I LOVE anything sparkly showing up in my mail box.

I couldn't wait until tomorrow to show you all the fun things we are going to make with this glittery little ribbon. Bows, headbands and embellishments galore!

First up, the neutrals. Silver, Brown and Black.  I've already made myself one of each in a workout headband. You will see me sparkling from across the gym.

Then, for all my girly girls. Purples and Pinks! I can't decide which color I like more.  They are just all so beautiful in person.

And then of course who could forget the jewel tones for fall, Peacock, Royal Blue and Red! You do know that jewel tones are the go to colors for fall right? If not, consider yourself educated. Now no excuses for not looking fabulous this fall!

I'm in LOVE with every shade of peacock right now. Just gorgeous. Remember when we use to call it Teal? "Are you aware that Fran has chosen teal for her bridesmaids? Teal, the color of gangrene!"
Name that movie and I'll send you a free yard of glitter ribbon in your color choice! Let's stick with calling it Peacock for fall, you will feel so trendy and less 80's.

Check back tomorrow to see how my new friends morph into something creatively made!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wedding Gift Idea

Wedding season is upon us and sometimes you want to give a little extra something special to the bride and groom.  A gift they will always remember and cherish.

When 2 of my dear friends got married recently, I tried to think of something that was special and unique to them.  My first thought was the fact that their new blended family would include 7 (yes, I said 7) children! Hmmm, 7 children. That would mean chaos, happy memories, more chaos, distractions, very little alone time and maybe a few moments of thinking "what was the plan again?" Oh yeah, love, marriage and happily ever after.

You see even the strongest of couples will have days where they will lose focus of their love and relationship. The daily grind and responsibility of a large family will overrun the drippy sweet, head over heals in love feelings of your courtship.  So, I wanted to created something that would always guide them back to those first moments of falling in love and lust (hee hee). Something they could just look down at, take a deep breath from life's crazy moments and remember, oh yes, I love him/her so much and this journey is about us.

So I created matching key chains for them to carry with the exact Latitude and Longitude of the location where they were standing when her prince charming proposed.  A map of sorts to guide them back to ever lasting love when life's crazy adventures take over.   Or, maybe if they really need a break they can just plug  the coordinates into their GPS, hop on a plane and go back to that place and time when the only thing that existed in their life was love and happiness.  But something tells me, all they will have to do is look at each other to remember that moment forever. 

Can anyone guess where he proposed? It is soooooo romantic (hint plug in the Lat/Long. on the key chain {wink})

She said YES!!

And they all lived happily ever after! :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

You should write a book!

"You should write a book!" is the comment I get most often from my friends on Facebook. Not because of my literary genius or the naturally inspiring way my words seem to ebb and flow across the page.  Nope. Not even close.

The comment "you should write a book" comes from the antics of my littlest munchkin. She is my youngest and the most independent, fearless, boundary pushing, willful and determined child that has entered our family.  I say God saved her last for a reason. I think it is either to drive me slowly insane or so she can be the President of the United States.

Look how funny I am mom! What can I do to taunt you today?

I bet you $5 I can put something in my mouth or nose that will REALLY scare you!

Who Me?! I didn't do anything, I SWEAR! Look how cute I am, seriously!

I have a great new story to share. One that couldn't possibly be typed in a limited format such as facebook or twitter.  Oh no, this story needed the attention of a word processing program that is equipped with spell check and unlimited characters.

First, I feel like I need to give you a little back story. 

Let me show you our lovely little playroom that resides in the Molly O Designs studio.  There are toys, furniture, books, puzzles and this enchanting little house shaped tv cabinet.  Cute isn't it? Little cubbies and storage areas.  I could see kids putting their toys and stuffed animals inside.

Sounds lovely doesn't it? Yes, oh yes it does sound lovely.

MOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM!!!! (insert hysterical screaming)

You see a few weeks ago, I took my little munchkin to work with me. She was happily playing in our little playroom when she got the amazing idea in her little head to try and fit in that cubby.  What I saw when I came around the corner was one leg, one arm and a head sticking out of that circle. That's right. Go ahead and try to get a picture in your mind.  5 year old. One arm. One leg. Head. 

Now I'm going to admit something here. My very first instinct was to run back out and grab my camera. It was only a split second, but I will make every mother in America feel better just knowing it passed through my mind. Bad mom. My next thought was, NOW what?! My third thought was, "OH SH&T, I'm going to have to call the fire department!"  Luckily, I was able to gently pull her out one limb at a time.   I'm sure the screams were heard by all the other companies in the building. I'm no longer on the invitation list for the building Christmas party. I also felt like I should call my OB/GYN and say thank you for my smooth deliveries. 

Please note, only a small bear SHOULD be able to fit in this area.

She was safe  and I'm sure this won't be the last time I will be telling one of these stories.  I'm just thankful she was alright and I didn't have to try and explain to the fire department why I was taking pictures of my child being removed from a tv cabinet. 

She is lucky she is so cute and sweet.  Those brown eyes will make you forget about almost anything.  And thanks to Facebook, everything will be well documented to share with her children someday.