Friday, August 28, 2009

The neighborhood cutie

I was trying to hold off on posting pictures of our new fall classes until everything was ready to be released. But seriously, I saw this face on my screen and just couldn't wait to show everyone.

He is the neighborhood cutie patootie and his poor mom had to drag him over to the photoshoot as soon as he woke up from his nap. And all of us moms know what 2 1/2 year olds are like when they get up from a nap.

But this little guy just stuck his little hand in his pocket, gave me a grin and approximately 3 minutes later the photoshoot was over.

I guess I should also point out his cute shirt which is one of our new Molly O Fall classes (more to come in the next week!). But seriously, look at that face! I would adopt him but I don't think his mom would appreciate that very much. In fact, we have already married him off to my youngest so I guess that would be a little weird if he came to live with us now. But just think how cute my grandkids will be one day!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last Call for the Molly O Clothing Line

I'm on a mission to clear out the clutter. I feel the need for peace, tranquility and organization.

One of my major sources of irritation is the mountain of boxes with the remainder of my Molly O children's clothing line. If you remember, I made the decision to discontinue our clothing line due to the CPSIA 2008 that went into effect. Long story short, I need to sell what is left to get it out of my studio! If I don't sell it, then I will feel stressed and anxious at the lack of organization and feng shui. So help a momma out and take a peek at what I have left.

Did I mention the HUGE discount I'm offering?! If you are interested in anything I have listed, please email me at I will update the availability as everything sells. First come, first serve!

Houndstooth Jumper Brown/Cream/Blue: Retail - $119.00, SALE - $25.00
Size Available: Small (fits 3/4) - 4 available, Large (fits 7/8/9) - 1 available

Houndstooth Pants Brown/Cream/Blue: Retail - $48.00, SALE - $10.00
Size Available: Medium (fits 5/6) - 3 available

Pink Dupioni Silk Dress: Retail - $125.00, SALE - $25.00

Size Available: Xsmall (fits 18-24 mo) - 4 available, Small (fits 2/3) - 3 available, Medium (fits 4/5) - 4 available, Large (fits 6/6x) - 1 available

Lavendar Dupioni Silk Set: Retail - $250.00, SALE - $50.00
Size Available: Xsmall (fits 18-24 mo) - 3 available, Small (fits 2/3) - 2 available, Large (fits 6/6x) - 2 available
*The flowers on the skirt are no longer available.

I also have a few pettiskirts left that work under the houndstooth jumper and pink dupioni silk dress. Or they are just cute to use in your dress up box. :)

Price: $5.00
Cream: Large (fits 5-8), 2 available
Black: Large (fits 5-8), 2 available

Please pass our link on to anyone who might be interested in what we have left. Also, check back this week for hair accessories and a few cute aprons for mom!