Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last Call for the Molly O Clothing Line

I'm on a mission to clear out the clutter. I feel the need for peace, tranquility and organization.

One of my major sources of irritation is the mountain of boxes with the remainder of my Molly O children's clothing line. If you remember, I made the decision to discontinue our clothing line due to the CPSIA 2008 that went into effect. Long story short, I need to sell what is left to get it out of my studio! If I don't sell it, then I will feel stressed and anxious at the lack of organization and feng shui. So help a momma out and take a peek at what I have left.

Did I mention the HUGE discount I'm offering?! If you are interested in anything I have listed, please email me at I will update the availability as everything sells. First come, first serve!

Houndstooth Jumper Brown/Cream/Blue: Retail - $119.00, SALE - $25.00
Size Available: Small (fits 3/4) - 4 available, Large (fits 7/8/9) - 1 available

Houndstooth Pants Brown/Cream/Blue: Retail - $48.00, SALE - $10.00
Size Available: Medium (fits 5/6) - 3 available

Pink Dupioni Silk Dress: Retail - $125.00, SALE - $25.00

Size Available: Xsmall (fits 18-24 mo) - 4 available, Small (fits 2/3) - 3 available, Medium (fits 4/5) - 4 available, Large (fits 6/6x) - 1 available

Lavendar Dupioni Silk Set: Retail - $250.00, SALE - $50.00
Size Available: Xsmall (fits 18-24 mo) - 3 available, Small (fits 2/3) - 2 available, Large (fits 6/6x) - 2 available
*The flowers on the skirt are no longer available.

I also have a few pettiskirts left that work under the houndstooth jumper and pink dupioni silk dress. Or they are just cute to use in your dress up box. :)

Price: $5.00
Cream: Large (fits 5-8), 2 available
Black: Large (fits 5-8), 2 available

Please pass our link on to anyone who might be interested in what we have left. Also, check back this week for hair accessories and a few cute aprons for mom!

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