Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My little wish list.......

So, today is my birthday (forever 29!) My sweet husband surprised me by taking the day off so I could be relieved of all mommy duties for the day. And then the heavens opened and the angels sang. At least that is what it felt like. 

Having a day without motherly duties feels like the biggest splurge. I will openly admit that I have NEVER taken a girls weekend away from my kids. I have only been away overnight with my husband a few times in 9 years. I know, not a great habit to fall into. So you can imagine how great it is to have the day off from packing lunches, doing homework, wiping noses and cleaning up bodily functions. 

I started to think about what other splurges I might like if money was not an issue. I'm talking totally senseless, un-needed, waste of money purchases. The things you would never buy for yourself because it just doesn't make sense, but if someone were to just give them to you giddiness would be sure to follow. 

My first thought was Harry Connick Jr. I have had a celebrity crush on Harry since I was 12. Go ahead and laugh, but can you imagine Harry sitting at a piano just singing to you? I would pay some serious cash for that!  Hello darlin' (said in his New Orleans accent).

Next on my list would be these beauties.........

Very Riche 120mm

At a meer $3,295, I can imagine myself plunging toilets while I clear the various matter that plugs up our many toilets throughout a day. I wonder if I could bling out my plunger to match?
O-kay, maybe something a little more reasonably priced. How about this adorable little bauble.  At $198 it is definitely a mommy splurge that has no purpose. But, seriously is this not cute?! My kids would steal it and lose a piece within the first 30 minutes of owning it, I'm fairly sure. 

I could go on and on. But I don't want to bore you to death. Plus my cuter then Harry Connick Jr. husband just made me Crab Legs for dinner and promises cake after, not to mention an entire bottle of wine to myself. Why am I talking to all of you?! 
Tell me what your mommy splurge would be if money was not an issue?