Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Super Star Moms!

In every Molly O class we always have at least one superstar. I love these women! They take what they learn and run with it. Go above and beyond what you expected. Some just go crazy with it. And that is when I LOVE to share what they have done. 

Look at Super Star Natalie! She took our Boutique Bow class with the intent on making adorable bows for her little girl. Instead she made HUGE quantity of bows to give out to all the little girls competing in her daughter's pageant. What a great gift! Can you imagine receiving these in your goody bag?  The best part is that it was inexpensive and left an impression on all the girls and moms that received them. 

Molly O Square Bows

Great job Natalie!!!! 

Submit your Super Star Mom moment and receive a FREE Molly O class for being featured on our blog. We love seeing all your Molly O creations in action. Send your photos and descriptions to info@mollyodesigns.com

Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to School Bows + Free Class

It is almost time to send our kiddos back to school! Go ahead, do a little mommy dance, I won't tell. You may have mixed emotions about your little princess heading off to school. But one thing is for sure, you need to send her in style!

Join us on Wednesday night to learn how to make boutique bows. We will teach you the insider secrets to creating 4 different fabulous bows. Then you will be able to put your new skills to use to create an adorable bow wardrobe for your little sweetie. 

WHEN:  Wednesday, August 11th

TIME: 6:30 p.m.

WHERE: Molly O Offices (we will email you the details after registering)

DETAILS: $15 Class Fee + Materials, 
additional FREE BONUS Headband Class

Email us at info@mollyodesigns.com to register!

Bring a friend and receive a FREE bow kit.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Who Is Your Target Audience?............Surprise, You Are Wrong!

I'm always trying to define our Target Audience in order to grow our business. Often when I do an interview the question comes up, "who is your Target Audience." Every time I think that I have it figured out, I get a great surprise!

When we first began Molly O Designs, we defined our target audience as 20 - 30 something year old moms. Moms with small children. Then we did a class for a group of retired women, and then a group of single girls, and then a bridal party and then a 12 y.o. girls birthday party. Hmmmmm, I guess our audience is bigger then we thought. The lines of our audience were no longer clearly defined.

Nothing makes me more excited then to see a "new" audience at one of our classes. Last night we have a great little surprise in the form of 12 y.o. Devin.

Devin arrived with his mom, took one look at all the tools involved with our Stamped Jewelry class and got to work designing. It was so great to see his creativity mixed with that typical boy infatuation with tools. Hammers, steel stamps, pliers and bench blocks, it doesn't get more manly then that. Well a maybe a little more manly, but this class definitely jumps the line between crafting and tool time.

At the end of class he had made 4 charms in total and added them all to a very "manly" leather cord. The perfect look for a pretty cool young man.  (Look at proud mama Sophie in the background!)

Great job Devin! And go tell all your friends how cool and "manly" it is to take a crafting tool pounding class at Molly O! 

Monday, August 2, 2010

Proud Mama!

It makes my heart sing with joy when my children pick up one of my skills or passions. I try not to push or force them to do the things I love. But when they show interest on their own, it turns me into a very proud mama.

The other day, my oldest daughter picked up a discarded piece of a skirt that was laying on the cutting area floor. I had just transformed my friends skirt into a sun dress for her 2 y.o. daughter. But there was a piece left over that was about to go in the trash. When my 8 y.o. saw it, she just had to have it!

So she found a needle and thread and went to work. It brought a little tear to my eye *sniff*. Proud Mama moment.

She worked and worked on that little piece of fabric. I finally asked her what she was making. "A new dress for my American Girl doll. She is feeling sad." Hmmm, o-kay. But why is she sad I asked?

Because of what Gabriella did to her. Gabriella is our 4 y.o. and is (clearing throat) very spirit.

O-kay, tell me how your little sister made your American Girl sad...................................

Proud Mama moment over.

Maybe I should enroll Gabriella in art class.