Monday, August 2, 2010

Proud Mama!

It makes my heart sing with joy when my children pick up one of my skills or passions. I try not to push or force them to do the things I love. But when they show interest on their own, it turns me into a very proud mama.

The other day, my oldest daughter picked up a discarded piece of a skirt that was laying on the cutting area floor. I had just transformed my friends skirt into a sun dress for her 2 y.o. daughter. But there was a piece left over that was about to go in the trash. When my 8 y.o. saw it, she just had to have it!

So she found a needle and thread and went to work. It brought a little tear to my eye *sniff*. Proud Mama moment.

She worked and worked on that little piece of fabric. I finally asked her what she was making. "A new dress for my American Girl doll. She is feeling sad." Hmmm, o-kay. But why is she sad I asked?

Because of what Gabriella did to her. Gabriella is our 4 y.o. and is (clearing throat) very spirit.

O-kay, tell me how your little sister made your American Girl sad...................................

Proud Mama moment over.

Maybe I should enroll Gabriella in art class.

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Shari said...

AAAAGGGGHHHHH! Have you had any luck removing it?