Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What is Molly O Designs

Some of our customers who followed Molly O Designs as a upscale children's boutique line are a little confused about what Molly O Designs (MOD) is all about today. We have indeed changed our vision but feel that it is the most amazing change we have ever made.

Those of you that have been attending our in home classes, know all about MOD. Many of you have attended almost every class we offer and are waiting for more. But since not everyone has a MOD stylist in their area to tell them the wonders of the new Molly O, we thought we would give you a little recap.

Our mission at Molly O Designs is to offer women a trendy and social outlet for creating the hottest boutique designs in their home, with their friends, while staying on budget.

Our home based parties offer creative classes that go hand in hand with our philosophy of Creating Your Own Style. By teaching women to create jewelry, unique fashion, accessories and gifts, we are empowering women with a creative skill and sense of accomplishment.

So what kind of classes do we offer? Let me give you a little peek into all the fabulous designs you can learn to make.

You saw our adorable flower brooch in our last post. We LOVE this class because you can create so many different designs from one technique. Besides a urban chic brooch to wear on your clothing, you can also make a flower for your hair or for your little princess.

Or a trendy cocktail ring that just screams Rachel Zoe!

The possibilities are endless!

Let's move on to our Stamped Jewelry class. This is a favorite and just screams Holiday Gift!!

Another adorable class for fall is our applique class. Again, there is something for everyone! We have applique designs for women, infants, girls and boys. Even the hard to please tween/teen! The best part about this class is that there is no sewing machine required!

There are so many more amazing classes! But I don't want to overwhelm you. Click over to http://www.mollyodesigns.com/ to view our full list of classes and to read the details on how to book your own class!

If you are in Las Vegas, our calendar is filling up quickly for fall. So make sure to contact us this week if you would like to book one of our Stylists to teach a class with your friends. info@mollyodesigns.com

In a few weeks we will be opening a new location in Virginia! More on specific territory information coming soon.

If you are interested in starting one of our beta locations and would like to become a Molly O Stylist, contact us at info@mollyodesigns.com