Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mid-Year Resolutions

I don't think I made any New Year's resolutions this year, so maybe it is appropriate if I make some middle of the year resolutions. LOL. I swear I have good intentions to get so many things done. I have a list a mile long of all the things I would love to accomplish. And yet, it seems like I'm lucky to place any checks on that list at all. So, here are a few of my middle of the year, get myself in gear to accomplish a few things before another month goes by resolutions:

1. Post more then once every 3 weeks on my blog. Check! I have tons of new things coming for Fall 2008 including my ready to wear childrens boutique line! I have lots of material for my blog, so everyone bug me until I get it all posted.

2. Finish decorating my house. Wait, maybe I should break this resolution down to rooms. It seems like most of the rooms in my house are 75% done. Which means when you add them all up I have half a house to decorate. LOL. I just started taking down the wallpaper in our guest bathroom yesterday. Hmmmm, maybe not such a good idea since I have 2 chairs recovered in the kitchen and 2 with the old fabric (imagine 3 toddlers, lots of cheerios, spilled milk and all the other crusty/stickies that go with kids). Yum! Oh, and there is the newly converted playroom which still has a framed print that is from a vineyard. Hmmm, that doesn't really mix does it? Kids and wine decorations. Well, sometimes I drink wine after a long day with the kids, does that count? O-kay, I'm off track from my resolution already. Finish decorating my house. Check.

3. GET IN SHAPE!!! I know everyone says this, but really I can only use the excuse "I had 3 kids in 4 years" so many times. The baby is 2 1/2, time to get over it and stop looking like a Oompa Loompa!

4. Get ahead on my clothing line. This is a big one. I have a wonderful manufacturer that has been doing a lot of last minute things for me. BUT, I really need to get out of my comfort zone and plan at least 9 months ahead on my line. Which means, as soon as I hand off the rest of my samples tomorrow to my pattern maker, I need to book a trip to the LA fabric district to start shopping fabric for Spring/Summer 2009. Anyone in the mood to shop?

I think that is a pretty good list to start, right? Who wants to hold me accountable? Anyone else want to join me? My challenge to you is to do your own Mid-Year Resolution list on your blog. It will make you feel good to take inventory of your life.