Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wedding Gift Idea

Wedding season is upon us and sometimes you want to give a little extra something special to the bride and groom.  A gift they will always remember and cherish.

When 2 of my dear friends got married recently, I tried to think of something that was special and unique to them.  My first thought was the fact that their new blended family would include 7 (yes, I said 7) children! Hmmm, 7 children. That would mean chaos, happy memories, more chaos, distractions, very little alone time and maybe a few moments of thinking "what was the plan again?" Oh yeah, love, marriage and happily ever after.

You see even the strongest of couples will have days where they will lose focus of their love and relationship. The daily grind and responsibility of a large family will overrun the drippy sweet, head over heals in love feelings of your courtship.  So, I wanted to created something that would always guide them back to those first moments of falling in love and lust (hee hee). Something they could just look down at, take a deep breath from life's crazy moments and remember, oh yes, I love him/her so much and this journey is about us.

So I created matching key chains for them to carry with the exact Latitude and Longitude of the location where they were standing when her prince charming proposed.  A map of sorts to guide them back to ever lasting love when life's crazy adventures take over.   Or, maybe if they really need a break they can just plug  the coordinates into their GPS, hop on a plane and go back to that place and time when the only thing that existed in their life was love and happiness.  But something tells me, all they will have to do is look at each other to remember that moment forever. 

Can anyone guess where he proposed? It is soooooo romantic (hint plug in the Lat/Long. on the key chain {wink})

She said YES!!

And they all lived happily ever after! :)

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Leigh-Anne said...

I just read this post! Love it!!!!!! and P.S. you are quite the witty writer!