Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Peeps

Let me start this post by professing that I have zero ability or talent when it comes to art. I mean it, I can't draw, paint, sculpt, make playdough figures, none of it. My son often breaks down in tears when he asks me to draw something and it looks like a 2 y.o. did it.

So, when I started out on this little project I was pretty sure the end result was going to be something from night of the living dead. But, if I do say so myself (patting myself on the back in surprise) they are pretty darn cute. Or at least my kids want to play with them and aren't having nightmares from looking at them.

First, is a little necklace for my 3 y.o. She is a tomboy one minute and pretty princess they next. But she loves this necklace!

I know it isn't perfect, but hey it was my first attempt and if you squint your eyes and stand back 20 feet you'll never notice.

So then I decided that we needed an entire posse. And what is a posse of peeps without a little diversity. Since our family knows a little something about that, I started to mix a variety of tones for skin and hair.

Notice the necklace doll has a loop to string a satin necklace or ribbon through. The rest I left as little dolls because my kids couldn't wait to play with them.

And of course, we had to throw in a few boys. And if one just happens to look a little like my sweet husband it is probably just a coincidence.

Or maybe not.................hehe

Next up is making a little house for them all to live in. And don't worry, I will be posting all the instructions on how to make these sweet little peeps as soon as I can figure out how to paint and take pictures at the same time.


Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said... your whole posse. ;)

Lyndsay @ LouLouBell said...

Super cute!

Heather said...

Your posse looks great! Aren't you a little cutie?!