Monday, April 20, 2009

I love!

Seriously, this is by far my new favorite invitation web site. It is so chic and easy to use. The perfect tool for all our creative ladies.

What I love is that although they have hundreds of trendy invitation designs that are ready to be emailed to your friends with just a few clicks, you can also design your own. And I'm not talking about cheesy clip art photos and unattractive colors. I mean, design something that is personal and all about your event. Check out the invite I just created for one of our classes.

CLICK HERE to see the invite and web page.

And that isn't all, there are so many fun little add-ons. Like publishing your invite to twitter or facebook, sending it over to your blog (uhh hum) and it even creates a personal event website. You can send your invitation via email or even as a text to all your friend's phone.

Now, I'm not going to say anything bad about that "other" online invitation website. Because honestly, I'm impressed with their branding. Everyone knows "that" site. Job well done marketing department. But I guarantee once you use you will NEVER go back.

Go ahead and create an invitation, you know you want to. And feel free to invite me. Or better yet, throw a Molly O party and then I will be sure to show up!

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