Saturday, February 7, 2009

A sale to end all sales........

I'm continuing to promote my big clearance sale on my website In case you haven't been over there, everything is now marked below my cost. Uh, that hurts to even write that. The entire site is 75-85% off.

If you don't have a little girl to buy for, maybe you could buy something and put it in your gift closet. Birthday parties, baby showers, new baby gifts are always popping up. And I know as a new mom I loved receiving clothing that was 18-24 months. By time your little one gets to that size you have nothing left from your baby shower!

Also, I have been receiving a lot of emails from other designers saying, "what are you doing, you don't have to sell it all off, there is a Stay of Execution for the next year and we are fine." Ummmm, not really. As of February 10th, the law still applies unless you have a garment without any snaps, buttons, zippers, etc. And most of my designs indeed have those things. So I MUST sell them before Tuesday or I will have to throw them out.

And if you don't believe me about the law, please pop on over to and check out Kathleen's latest post.

I thought her mention of groups actually working with attorney generals to find people violating the law was a little disturbing. In a state like Nevada where the funds have literally dried up and there are more lawyers then houses, there is NO WAY I would take a chance trying to fly under the radar on this one. The state attorney generals are looking at this as a way to make money via the fines they will issue to violators of this law. I don't know about anyone else, but I would like to keep my house and my car and my bank account..................

I know, I know, I'm getting off my soap box now. But I'm not too proud to beg a little. Please, please, please tell everyone you know about our sale. Send it in an email, post it on message boards or your blog. I will be forever grateful.

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