Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Creative Ladies!

I taught the Molly O Stamped Jewelry class last night to one of the nicest group of ladies. We had a great time and everyone walked away proudly with their new designs.

One of my favorite things about our classes is seeing all the amazing creativity that comes out of everyone. Most start our classes a little hesitant. We hear over and over, I'm just not that creative, or I have never done something like this before. And by the end, they are all giggling over their designs and showing them off.

But what I love even more then seeing the designs at the end of the class, is getting photos of what everyone is making. It just makes my heart sing. Kind of like a proud mama. So I just had to show you the adorable photo that came in last night even before I got home.

Laureen was the hostess for the evening and came up with this amazing design to give her mom for Christmas. She decided to combine sterling silver with copper and then use our texturizing effect on both. I think the result is chic and super sweet! What Grandma wouldn't get a little teary -eyed on Christmas morning opening this Creatively Made gift?!

Keep up the creative spirit and keep sending those pictures! I can't wait to see what everyone is working on for the gift giving season!

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