Friday, September 18, 2009


Yes, I'm on a Rachel Zoe kick. Love that show. And I secretly dream of having her dress me and give me that look before she says.................."ba-na-nas!" For those of you that don't watch RZ, that means that you look amazing.

So when this little design came together, the first words out of my mouth were bananas! LOVE, love, love this top. Love the flower brooch and the sprinkle of swarovski crystals.

The absolutel best part about this top is that it was created as one of our Molly O classes! We are on a flower kick for fall. These fabulous little accessories are being worn in the hair, on shirts, as shoe embellishments and even as jewelry. And they are so much fun to make!!

I promise that you will have a flower addiction by the end of the class too! There are a thousand different ways to design these flowers. Women and girls of all ages are sporting our flowers. We will have more pictures over the next couple of days that will give you a sneak peek into our Fabulous Flowers class.

If you can't wait, then drop us a line and book your party so you can learn to make them too!

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