Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In 70 short days......

In just 70 short days Molly O Designs may be forced to shut our doors along with thousands of other children's manufacturers.

February 9th has been deemed National Bankruptcy day. The reason is due to the CPSIA regulations going into effect. How does this effect Molly O Designs. Well, I'm happy you asked.

The CPSIA regulations will mandate that all manufacturers of children's goods (even little ol'Molly O) will be required to have our products tested for lead. Now, at first glance this sounds like a great idea! Safety for our children. But then you look at the numbers. For Molly O Designs to have our Spring/Summer 2009 tested to meet federal standards, the testing will run us over $30,000. That is just for the testing! Not the manufacturing, or the purchasing of materials or everyday overhead expenses.

This regulation will cover EVERYONE who produces products intended for children ages 12 and under. Do you make baby blankets to sell at craft fairs? You will have to pay to have them tested. Do you sew custom boutique clothing on ebay? You will have to pay to have your designs tested. What about those cute baby bibs that everyone keeps asking you to make? If you sell them for money, they have to be tested!

Needless to say, thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses will go under on February 9th. But where will all their inventory go? In the dump. That is right. If you produced anything prior to February 9th and it has not been tested and approved, it will be considered hazardous waste on February 10th. All my beautiful spring clothes? In the garbage. I'm not kidding. And yes, this sounds too crazy to be true, but trust me, it is a very real reality.

Here is a great link that kind of sums up this mess:

So, I will stop being a selfish for a moment and not think about what I will lose personally. Let's talk about the children's consignment shop down the street that will have to close its doors because for all practical purposes everything in it will be a hazardous dumping site. What about the children's boutique that has a store full of inventory that can't be sold after February 9th? I have many friends who sell clothing and toys on ebay to make a living. Again, all garbage.

I really can't wrap my head around the enormity of this issue and what this means for our already failing economy.

More to come later. In the mean time, I could use your prayers and good thoughts. If you feel so moved as to help with this fight, feel free to sign this petition. I will also be posting a letter later that can be sent to your local congressman/woman.


Bonghi Vestiti said...

I only found out about this a week gosh when will the government get out of our lives?! This is unreal...I urge everyone to contact the congress and senate (just google the names of your reps)...there are so many things they are trying to put into effect that most people are unaware of...we need to be educated and stand up for our rights!

Jen said...

Thank you. I just emailed you about this. I'm just heartsick and tomorrow I will start joining the fight against this ridiculous law (however well intended).